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Website Design & Emarketing Solutions

Reponsive Website Designs

Example Showing the responsive website on different devices

Reponsive Website Designs

Website Design Costs 100$ - up to 10 Pages

At Cairo The Capital we develop and design your responsive business and professional websites using New Cloud Technologies renovate existing websites, and to the New Cloud Technology. If you want a unique theme for your website, we would provide a quality website design within 24 hours.

Domain Name

We will hekp you getting a professional .com domain name suitable for your business, a new branded domain name.

also we can provide you a transfer service for free.

  • Domain Name Service - Costs 20$/Year

Hosting Service

30 GB Hosting Costs 72$ Per Year

100 GB Hosting Costs 144$ Per Year

Our Hosting Features

  • Seucrity & Backup
  • Dedicated Cloud Server
  • Impelemented with New Technologies and smart Apps

Https Secure Protocol

Free Service

  • Secure Connection to your website
  • Trustworthy to all of your clients.

Professional Emails

30 GB Email Account Costs 72$ Per Year

100 GB Email Account Costs 144$ Per Year

obtain a professional emails for your company.

Email examples:

Professional Email Features

Basic Feature List

1) Send & Recieve Emails

2) Attachments with Cloud Drive

3) Professional Email Desings

4) Signuature

5) Email Source

6) Email Filters

7) Labels & sub-lables

8) Spam Filter

9) Trash and restores

10) Important Emails

11) Drag & Drop Emails

12) Attach an Email into a Message

13) CC,BCC, Forward, Reply, Reply All

14) Bulk Actions

15) Automatic Responses

16) Responses Templates

17) Auto Responses based on Filters

18) Keyboard shortcuts

19) Undo Send

20) Email Search

21) Categories and Tabs Inbox

Extra Feature List

1) Schedule emails

2) Do more with a right-click

3) Drag emails between tabs

4) Get Email’s AI to compose your emails

5) Send and request money

6) Set an expiry time

7) Get notifications for certain emails

8) Use Email offline

9) Mix up your email stars

10) Enable the preview pane

11) Add your other email addresses

12) Save to Cloud Drive

13) Open the side panel

14) Find by date

15) Translate your emails

16) Auto-advance through your inbox

17) Organize email with sub-labels

18) Sync up your emails

19) Bookmark your emails

20) bring back sent emails

21) Change the look of your email

Data Entry

Extra 20 Pages Costs 100$

  • Texts data entry
  • Photos and Videos
  • Contact Forms, Charts, and Sheets


Extra Language Costs 100$ - up to 10 Pages

We Provide Multi lingual service for our websites as an optional service, and the translated text between Arabic & English is free of charge.